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Book reviews on Ryanair by Siobhan and Easyjet


It has been like nearly 2 yrs I didn't take a holiday break. My wife suggested we should have a short break, I did a bit of research and finally decided to go to Majorca and booked my flight in middle october with Easyjet.

The price of ticket is a bargain (£50 for a return ticket). A return train ticket from london to cardiff would already costs over a £100. How could easyjet / ryanair can offer such as low price and make so much profit (£54m in 2009 Easyjet where 340m euro for ryanair).

I had these two books on the stories of easyjet and ryanair on my bookshelves for a long time which covered with dust. I begin with the book of easyjet story and I really enjoyed reading it. I admire stelios haji-ioannou especially on how he lead easyjet to compete with BA in the startup. He said "when you start a business, no one will open the door for you and welcome you in, you really have to fight your every inch in". It's very true and it is what BA did when easyjet when they started. BA started a price war and hope it could cause easyjet to lose money and thus, kill easyjet. Because of low running cost, Easyjet managed to survive and expand (and cause BA a bleeding lose).

stelios haji-ioannou runs a very sucessfully business with Ray Webster, but stelios also faced a lot of failed business like easy internet cafe which costs him millions. Then stelio said "After his sucessful business with easyjet, he thinks running a new business will be much easier, but no, when you start a new business, you still have to work your sweat to get through it".Sometimes, in business, I also feel frustrated when I see some of my business failed, I have self doubt.When I think a great businessman like stelio wouldn't sucess in every business he did. I shouldn't be so down and should be like stelio to either fix it or close it and move on.


To be continued

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I agree with your assumption.

I agree with your assumption.

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